Dr. Cheryl Woodson

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Can You Surf The “Silver Tsunami?”

The growing needs of America’s seniors create more than an Age Wave; this has been called a “Silver Tsunami” and our nation will either surf or drown. Are you worried about drowning under the impact of aging on your families, your clients, employees or members? Would you rather surf by working with seniors and their advocates more effectively?

The Woodson Network helps your organization through consultation and educational programs on policies and procedures relevant to the needs of Babyboomers and beyond.

We help businesses:

  • attract and serve the growing senior population through senior-specific marketing and customer service strategies.
  • attract and retain mature, experienced employees through a gero-friendly physical plant and more relevant human resource programs. 
  • improve attendance and productivity among younger adults who have eldercare responsibilities with specific employee assistance programs.
  • develop risk management strategies to assist clients and employees who exhibit problems with mental or physical function.

We help churches, community and professional groups:

  • understand and navigate the changes that occur with aging, emphasizing that “Age is NOT a Disease” and stressing how to “AGE EXCELLENTLY!”
  • form better partnerships with physicians and senior support agencies to more effectively negotiate the maze of eldercare services.
  • support caregivers to give excellent eldercare without destroying their own physical, financial, emotional or spiritual health.

We also help doctors and health systems survive the myths, menace and miracles of Medicare through specific practice management strategies.